About Us

St. Louis Montessori offers programs for students from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. As a Montessori learning environment, our curriculum and programs are designed to build a strong foundation in academics, as well as social, emotional, physical and moral development. This approach encourages a child’s independence, self-motivation, and decision-making skills.

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Montessori Learning

The Montessori method of teaching aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life’s many rich experiences.

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The Staff

The Montessori teacher has the critical job of preparing the classroom and outdoor environment so it is interesting and enticing to each child in the classroom.

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The application process Enrollment is OPEN. The online application and tour dates are currently available year-round online Tuition Rate

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Toddlers Program

The 2-6 year old child is ready to organize all the information she has taken in from birth

What Is A Montessori Learning Environm…

The Montessori learning environment aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child

We Believe In your Child

Each child is doing the best s/he can at the moment. The best a child can