We Believe In your Child

Each child is doing the best s/he can at the moment. The best a child can do changes from one day to the next and sometimes from one moment to the next. Beginning from this premise we seek to understand what each child needs and to help guide his/her natural efforts to learn and to grow.

A beautiful and interesting learning environment, both indoors and out, combined with the freedom to explore and to choose purposeful activity are key to a child’s physical and intellectual development.

Capable teachers create and continuously improve such an environment and guide children toward every opportunity in the vast Montessori curriculum.

A community of friends and the support of a loving, capable adult guide are the foundation for developing a positive sense of self, the security of belonging, and the social and emotional skills needed to play and work with others.

A school is a community of learners when it includes the active involvement and loving support of its parents, grandparents, neighbors, and local businesses.

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