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The 2-6 year old child is ready to organize all the information she has taken in from birth (and perhaps before birth). This is a period of creating clear categories in the brain and of strengthening and linking and cross-referencing neural connections.

Language is a great aid to the work of the Primary child, and ultimately he begins to break language into its component parts to better understand the workings that enable people to read and to write. Counting and understanding quantities, and then their numeric symbols, is of great interest, as is exploration of shape, color, and dimension. The full exploration of the qualities of sound, smell, taste, sight, and touch is possible in this classroom. The materials of the classroom hold the possibility of development of perfect pitch or an extremely acute sense of color distinction.

The wonder of nature, indoors and out, begins to feed an awareness of how much there is to explore in the ways that real objects and phenomenon of the world are comprised and operate. The ability to focus attention and to concentrate, without interruption, while fully exploring an interest is developed. The child is beginning to think about the world itself: comprised of land and water, continents and oceans, countries and rivers, all with names and different people living on them. Being with others in a small classroom community where we are kind and respectful teaches her how to solve a minor conflict that arises or how to ask for help. Mistakes are made and are accepted as a natural part of learning. Every child is accepted and honored for who she or he is. By the third year, knowing all the classroom norms and being able to help the younger children as they are learning offers deep satisfaction.

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