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questioning vs interrogation

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To raise doubts about; have doubts about. As nouns the difference between interrogation and inquisition is that interrogation is the act of interrogating or questioning; examination by questions; inquiry while inquisition is an investigation or inquiry into the truth of some matter. WWW.CPIRC.COM All Rights Reserved. This is specifically if the dialogue is in favour of the proponent. Its very important that areas s far forward as operationally possible should be given priority in screening operations by qualified HUMINT collectors.These areas should be selected for the initial questioning and screening process.At this point the civilian or military detainee should be initially questioned as to his name,rank,unit,job type,why he is here,if in uniform the insignia and papers,IDs or any other documentation with him—all these will go into preparing an initial source file which can be handed over to the interrogation team and also preclude duplication later.At these areas no personnel other than qualified HUMINT collectors should conduct initial questioning as HUMINT collectors are fully aware of the intelligence requirements. var output = ''; They must be tailored to the needs and requirements of the subject. They would be able to conduct a psychological assessment of the character, personality, social interaction and behaviours of respondents and eventually advise the HUMINT collectors on how to further carry out the process. 5. Dr. Annie Bukacek . Confuse the subject by breaking the flow: Build a scenario in which an associate whispers something in your ear. However the goal of both interviews and interrogations set out to do one thing; to find the truth. The information possessed by the source in terms of quantity and value, the availability of other sources, the time available and several other factors need to be included. Often interrogation take place in a lopsided condition where the interrogator looks like an aggressor and the suspect finds him in a desperate situation. The goal is achieved once the information required is extracted. 4.Was armed and was carrying it openly. SCREENING PROCESS The initial screening at the internment facility depends on whether urgent information is inherent in the intelligence requirement (in which case he is questioned immediately)or whether identification is required for future questioning. There is one cold individual who shoots out the questions like a machine gun, has a hard and monotonous voice but does not show compassion towards the subject or threatens him. Strong judgment needs to be carried out upon the dominance symbol and psychological pressures being used. In such situations, it is essential that loopholes are present while asking questions that allow them to correct themselves while presenting their stories and not enable to state that they were lying. The source behaviour demonstration A real challenge is presented to the interrogator as he refuses to talk. 8. A HUMINT agent cabn assume roles of screener and tactical questioner alternatively during the process of initial screening.While accompanying a patrol and meeting a source or a detainee,he may first screen the source by asking some general questions to assess his cooperation and knowledgability levels and if it deems fit he may switch over to debriefing the individual in matters related to PIRs.After this is over he again screens the individual with the intent to know his knowledgability in other areas of interest,say the IRs.If he feels the source has information of tactical value to counterintelligence personnel he refers the source to the latter.If he finds the source has information but is too technical he may refer him to a technical expert.He may have to take the assistance of a linguist if the source can only speak in a dialect not known to him.Usually the detainees/sources are prioritized and listed so that they are questioned by a separate HUMINT team on specific topics.If the HUMINT collector cum screener finds in initial screening that the individual has no information of tactical value or his cooperation level is very low and the time in hand is also very less,the individual is no longer debriefed.So we see that screening can take separately but also it can be integrated with HUMINT collection operations depending on:Knowledgability and cooperation levels and the timeframe. Also, trained individuals from the Behavioural Science Consultant (BSC) could also be appointed. It is usually managed by the HUMINT collector through his efforts and facilities provided. Inez immediately embraced Carol’s advice. Planning Initial Interview The EPW/detainee knowledge should be assessed by identifying, extracting, using relevant and present information.

A point, mark, or sign, thus , indicating that the sentence with which it is connected is a question. A source that is cooperative and friendly would show less or no resistance towards the interrogation being conducted. A subject or topic for consideration or investigation.

Interrogation to both the police, military, and international audiences. 4. HUMINT collection requirements which are urgent There are several ways in which the questioning process is carried out. Five Intelligence Essentials for Community Security mapboards.

The term “enemy combatant” includes both “lawful enemy combatants” and “unlawful enemy combatants.”. The documents associated with the subject and the basic plan for the interview must be placed together in a folder. 2.

Questioning Government & Special Interest Agendas. What is the Difference between Interviewing and Interrogation? Sales Simplified, Leadership Simplified Bootcamps for Everyone! In a disorganized or strange situation, it is required that they apply and remember the lessons taught. He must understand if there is requirement of a specialist, cultural advisors or linguists.

Fast forward eleven months.

However, it should not be like smashing a golden egg. Time must be spent upon understanding the subject making sure all real life constraints are managed effectively. //

Intelligent Questions That People Are Now Asking. The HUMINT collector must decide upon his planned techniques, activities and the impression he needs to project and the questioning location should correspond to this decision. Typically, this is a good thing. The source would be much more comfortable and cooperative if his surroundings and interview environment is customary to his requirements and beliefs. Exploitation. Planning Additional Interviews I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the Mississippi police official since his creds reflect his 36 years spent in different police capacities. Carol praised Inez for her use of questions to drive conversation. This would help him to collect vital information as there will be a desire to talk in the refugees, local civilians and DPs. 3. 7. Preliminary interview and questioning 6. She mentioned that our emotions usually control our tone of voice.

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