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About Adriana Espinoza Espinoza comes to the Mayor’s Office from the New York League of Conservation Voters, where she has worked on a wide variety of environmental health and justice issues including successful advocacy and public education campaigns from clean school buses to LeadFreeNYC. Environmental Justice Advisory Board Appointees include: Learn more about accessiblity from the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities. This means that nearly 25,000 pounds of solid waste are hauled daily to a handful of low-income communities of color in North Brooklyn, Southeast Queens and the South Bronx where 26 of the city’s 38 transfer stations are located.

Today, we focus on the, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance. NYC-EJA is also part of the Transform Don’t Trash coalition, working alongside organizations like ALIGN, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, and Natural Resources Defense Council, in order to transform New York City’s commercial trash industry,  reduce waste and pollution, and foster clean and healthy communities. We will continue to call attention to the environmental justice movement by highlighting organizations doing this important work. Air quality monitoring has proven to be an important tool for community advocacy and, paired with truck counting, played a key role in advocacy for the transformation of the inefficient and polluting commercial waste system. That work starts with building principles of justice and equity into the foundation of every city agency to ensure environmental burdens and benefits are fairly distributed across the city,” said Adriana Espinoza. “As someone who has been at the forefront of the campaign for environmental justice for more than three decades, I am eager to move forward with this vital work, providing our elected officials with the guidance needed to ensure that a New Yorker’s zip code will no longer be a determining factor in their environmental health.”, Christine Appah, Senior Staff Attorney at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest said, “With the leadership announced today New York City is embarking on an important project to ensure its actions across all agencies advance environmental justice. © City of New York. Adriana and Peggy will be great assets to the de Blasio Administration’s efforts to advance environmental justice and develop strategies to curb global warming emissions,” said Eric A. Goldstein, New York City Environment Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Real leadership, community-led intervention, and on the ground expertise have been at the core of NYC-EJA’s work for over two decades, allowing them to achieve victory after victory. Appoints Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice, convenes inaugural advisory board, and establishes interagency working group to embed environmental justice into City actions. pressoffice@cityhall.nyc.gov(212) 788-2958, The Official Website of the City of New York. “I am honored to have been appointed Chair of the Environmental Justice Advisory Board for New York City, and look forward to working with my colleagues to develop a study of environmental justice concerns impacting our communities and then make policy recommendations to address them,” said Peggy Shepard, Co-Founder and Executive Director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice.

NEW YORK—Mayor de Blasio today announced a number of efforts to advance New York City’s environmental justice efforts, including the appointment of Adriana Espinoza as Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice, and appointing Peggy Shepard as Chair of the Environmental Justice …
NYC-EJA is involved in a number of initiatives related to just clean energy transitions, including the co-development of NY Renews.

As Senior Advisor, Espinoza will spearhead the City’s environmental justice actions, including conducting the first-ever citywide study of environmental justice, establishing an online data portal, and implementing a plan that will provide guidance for permanently incorporating environmental justice into city decision making. “Adriana has a proven track record of fighting to get a seat at the table for marginalized groups, and I know that she will bring her experience and passion to the role as she works to bring true environmental justice to all New Yorkers.”. Congratulations as well to Peggy Shepard for her appointment as Chair and to the entire Environmental Justice Advisory Board. This paper examines New York City’s Neighborhood Slow Zones (NSZ) program in terms of environmental justice. Peggy Shepard has a long track record of protecting and advocating for low income and communities of color disproportionately affected by pollution and environmental racism. NYC-EJA’s Community Air Mapping Project for Environmental Justice (CAMP-EJ) is a community-led participatory research project that empowers communities to measure and understand their local air quality, and to use this data to drive campaigns to address disproportionate impacts of pollutants like GHG emissions. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The remaining 3 quarters of the city’s garbage, coming from commercial businesses, hotels, offices and restaurants, is handled by over 248 private carting companies that operate their own transfer stations with an army of 8,000 heavy-duty diesel trucks. Through her work with the New York League of Conservation Voters, Adriana Espinoza has done a great job seeking to advance legislation and hold elected officials accountable based on their sponsorship or co-sponsorship of legislation that seek to protect our environment. New York City’s policies, adopted in 2017, required a study of environmental justice areas and established an interagency group to create an environmental justice plan. Last week, we provided a, primer on the environmental justice movement, which discusses the movement’s origin, history, and urgent relevance today. “I expect that my appointment to this Advisory Board will allow me to continue and to expand our work towards reducing health disparities caused or aggravated by environmental exposures in New York City,” said Dr. Luz Claudio, a Tenured Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “I am honored to join the Mayor’s Climate Policy and Programs Team and look forward to working with the experts on the advisory board and interagency work group to advance environmental justice in New York City.”, “Delivering on NYC’s Green New Deal demands that we embed justice into the City’s world-leading climate actions,” said Daniel Zarrilli, NYC’s Chief Climate Policy Advisor.

For over two decades, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA) has been uniting grassroots organizations in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color throughout the city to support them in their struggle for environmental justice. Chaussée de Vleurgat 15 Just want to distinguish between the EJ groups and the allies.]. We are lucky to have her wisdom, experience and leadership to guide our work on this Environmental Justice Advisory Board.”. The paper uses both quantitative and … Our biggest fight was to get political support from elected officials who said they represented the communities, but in their actions were representing the waste companies. Their multifaceted approach to climate action structures their advocacy, research and campaigns. As we face climate and affordability crises, there is much work to be done to ensure an equitable transition to a renewable energy economy, reduce pollution and public health impacts in communities of color, and combat displacement of low-income residents. NYC-EJA plays a critical role in the environmental justice movement in NYC.

Founded in 1991, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA) is a “citywide membership network linking grassroots organizations from low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in their struggle for environmental justice”. “I’m excited to welcome Adriana Espinoza to this work of fighting environmental injustice across the city. And while waste equity is one of their primary focuses, it is also just one strand in an intricate web of strategies and alliances that they have built to advance an environmental justice agenda. The Environmental Justice Advisory Board will steer the city’s planning process in the right direction.”, Rebecca Bratspies, Professor at CUNY School of Law and founding Director of the CUNY Center for Urban Environmental Reform said, “By naming Peggy Shepard chair of this committee, New York City has signaled a real commitment to meaningful change. Waste equity has always been at the top of a long list of priorities for NYC-EJA. The board will also be working with the City to ensure public engagement, input, and participation are included in the development and implementation of all of these initiatives. ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE – NEW YORK ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & JUSTICE PROJECT – 225 Broadway Suite 2625 New York, NY 10007-3040 USA (212) 334-5551 info@nyenvirolaw.org Today, we focus on the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance. Posted in Climate Legislation, Sustainability, Women Owned Business, The environmental justice movement works to address the inequities in US environmental policy which disproportionately expose Black people to environmental hazards including close proximity to waste facilities, poor quality water infrastructure, and air pollution. “These are two wonderful appointments! It is a real issue of environmental racism and immigrant injustice, with no real oversight of how workers are treated.”. The environmental justice movement works to address the inequities in US environmental policy which disproportionately expose Black people to environmental hazards including close proximity to waste facilities, poor quality water infrastructure, and air pollution. You have drivers forced to work eighteen hours shifts, covering insane routes and traveling up to 1,000 miles per night, driving outdated, unsafe vehicles and making poverty wages.

Founded in 1991, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA) is a “citywide membership network linking grassroots organizations from low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in their struggle for environmental justice”.

A lot of organizing and mobilizations over the last 10 years have brought us to where we are now. The group addresses issues that threaten the health of our city and gives a voice to New Yorkers who experience environmental justice issues in their home and neighborhoods. Tel: +32 2736 2091. +56 9 965 26550, Zero Waste Europe New York City Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia also supported the legislation, and Mayor Bill De Blasio is expected to sign the bill. External partners include ALIGN, NRDC, NYLPI, and Teamsters. Espinoza will also deepen important relationships with advocates, community leaders, and cross-sector partners to ensure environmental justice concerns are incorporated into citywide policy decision making and implementation. “Waste equity is a huge issue in New York. NYC-EJA has also collaborated with several partners to ensure that energy planning and economic development in NYC are conducted equitably, without placing an outsized burden on low-income and communities of color. In April, NYC-EJA released its Climate Justice Agenda 2020 which includes recommended timelines and financial and legislative commitments to create healthy and resilient neighborhoods, strategies for tackling emissions equitably, and opportunities to create good, green jobs in the transition to a cleaner NYC. For over 20 years, NYC-EJA has been working at the forefront of City and State campaigns to advance environmental justice. Fill out the census now: my2020census.gov. Concepción, Chile

“Our goal will be to include scientific evidence to support sound environmental decisions that protect the health of all populations in New  York City”.

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